About CMR’s global mobile phone recycling service
Corporate Mobile Recycling
Contact Us +44(0)207 404 6440
e. ot@cmrecycling.co.uk

About CMR

CMR Ltd is a mobile phone recycling company trading for over 10
years reselling and recycling 70,000 mobile phones and electrical
devices each month throughout 10 countries employing 75 staff.
  • Corporate Mobile Recycling for businesses, retail and trade
  • Fonebank for consumers in the UK, Spain (Movilbak), France, Finland, Greece, Croatia and Australia
  • Zonzoo for consumers in Spain, Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.
about CMR - global offices
Global Offices
New Zealand
UK Offices

Contact: Olly Tagg, Director
Email: ot@cmrecycling.co.uk
Tel: +44 (0)20 7404 6440
Address: 3 Long Yard, Holborn, London WC1N 3LS (View Map)

Office Hours: 9.30am - 5.30pm (GMT) Monday to Friday

If you are interested in purchasing wholesale mobile phones please call us or
email Jim Fowler: jf@cmrecycling.co.uk. If you wish to purchase individual mobile
phones, please visit www.smartfonestore.com.
Fonebank United Kingdom - www.fonebank.com
Australian Offices

Contact: Sam Fairhall
Email: sales@fonebank.com.au
Tel: +61 1-800 67 20 50
Web: www.fonebank.com.au
Address: Fonebank Pty Ltd, Locked Bag 2000, MALVERN VIC 3144 (View Map)
Fonebank Australia - www.fonebank.com.au
Croatian Offices

Contact: Zeljko Pavlakovic
Email: info@fonebank.hr
Tel: +385(0)1/5533444
Web: www.fonebank.hr
Address: za Fonebankara, Mobis-electronic servisni centar d.o.o,
Heinzelova 96, 10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska (View Map)

Also working with Slovenian Post Office
Fonebank Croatia - www.fonebank.hr
Finnish Offices

Contact: Paul Norman
Email: paul@recyclephone.fi
Tel: +358 0 503 799195
Address: Recycle Phone Finland OY Lempaalantie 37, 37630 Valkeakoski, Finland
French Offices

Contact: Irina Zarb
Email: service.clients@fonebank.fr
Tel: +33 (0)5 53 53 32 75
Web: www.fonebank.fr
Address: AS24 Communications-Fonebank, Ld Le Marchat, CS 80014
Greek Offices

Contact: Alexis Klee
Email: info@fonebank.gr
Tel: +30 211 0124712
Web: www.fonebank.gr
Address: Fonebank, Agiou Trifonos 5-7, Glyfada 16561, Greece (View Map)
Italian Offices

Contact: Stefano Tisci
Email: s.tisci@fonebank.it
Tel: +39 06 4004 8463 / +39 389 948 3373
Address: CMR Italia, Via Portuense, 1555, Commercity, Isola N32. CAP 00148 Rome, Italy
Spanish Offices

Contact: Pablo Guzman
Email: ventas@movilbak.es
Tel: +34 902 929 605 / 913 717 595
Web: www.movilbak.es
Address: CMR (MovilBak), C/ HAYA 13, 4to Dcha., 28044 Madrid, Madrid, España (View Map)
Movilbak Spain - www.movilbak.es
New Zealand Offices

Contact: Ruth Patterson
Tel: +64 9 478 2894
Address: 6 Atlas Place, Rosedale 0632, Auckland, New Zealand
Summary of Services
Buy Mobiles
Buy mobile phones
Complete recycling service for end of line mobile phones.
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Sell Mobiles
Sell mobile phones
Purchase wholesale and individual mobile phones.
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CMR's Partners
Lasting partnerships buying mobiles from businesses and charities.
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Retail System
Bespoke retail software
Bespoke software for hundreds of retail outlets.
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Data Erasure
unrivalled data erasure
Unrivalled data erasure service provides confidence.
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Environmentally accredited
Environmentally accredited and more.
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News & Media
Fonebank on the tv
BBC Feature: ‘Beat the Credit Crunch with Fonebank’.
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TV Adverts
Fonebank tv adverts
Take a look at our Fonebank TV commercials.
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CMR press features
CMR have regularly featured in the national press.
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Police Awards
CMR sponsor the annual West Midlands Police Awards
CMR sponsor the annual West Midlands Police Awards.
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Fonebank Blog
Fonebank blog - www.fonebank.com/blog
Read the Fonebank Blog for latest tech stories and comment.
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Social Media
follow us on facebook and twitter
Connect with CMR via our Fonebank Social Media Accounts.
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