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Case Study 1: LOCOG

In 2012 CMR won the prestigious contract to recycle 20,000 mobile phones used by The London Organising Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games [LOCOG].

LOCOG’s ITT Tendering Process was based on four critical success factors;
  • Data Erasure
  • General Competence
  • Development of Retail System
  • Commercial Pricing

“The whole process was very smooth and LOCOG were delighted with the quality of CMR’s service”. Simon Taffe, LOCOG

Upon the successful completion of the Games more than 2,000 LOCOG Employees and Gamesmaker Volunteers had purchased handsets using a bespoke shop front system developed by CMR.

A further 18,000 handsets had been received for recycling. CMR processed, data erased, and resold 20,000 units within 6 weeks, paying in excess of £50,000 more than the minimum contracted value.
CMR were contracted to take
back and recycle all of the mobile
phones and satellite navigation
systems that had previously
been used by LOCOG employees
and volunteer staff. They
proved to be a good choice –
providing a professional and
reliable service! Collections and
reporting were prompt and
Valuation proved to be greater
than anticipated.

Simon Taffe,

Case Study 2: Hampshire Police

CMR is contracted to recycle and resell mobile phones on behalf of Hampshire Police. Mobiles include crime and lost property units.

Mobile phones erased and processed to forensic standards. Individual Audit Report provided for each mobile processed.

CMR recycles and disposes of mobile phones for 12 Regional Police Forces in the UK processing in excess of 15,000 units per month.

All mobile devices received by CMR are itemised by reference number, IMEI, with a value attributed to each unit.

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We have been using CMR for
over 5 years to recycle all of our
unclaimed mobile phones. The
service they provide to us is
excellent and their care and
attention in providing assistance
whenever required is

Lucy Jenkins, Property Manager,
Hampshire Police
CMR sell either wholesale via appointment with Jim Fowler or for individuals looking to purchase smaller quantities we have an online shop called SmartFoneStore.

Buying enquiries:
Contact Jim

tel +44(0)207 404 6440
Buy Smartphones and Tablets

To buy smaller quantities of
Smartphones or tablets go to
CMR’s Advanced Mobile Erasure Facility - removing previous user data from a batch of Samsung Galaxy S3 handsets
It's not so long ago that the most sensitive information our mobile phones contained was limited to text messages, contact numbers, and perhaps the odd diary entry.

Since the arrival of Apple’s iPhone and Google's Android OS, mobile devices are now more accessible to all walks of life than ever before. With cameras, Internet capability, GPS, MP3, Social Media, Mobile Payment, and a raft of Apps that plot our every move today’s mobile devices represent an Aladdin’s cave of confidential and sensitive information waiting to be exploited should they fall into the wrong hands.

Traditional Approaches

Traditional mobile device recyclers use in-built manufacturer reset & restore commands,
and software flashing techniques to update handsets with the latest device firmware.
Whilst it is widely accepted that such practices go some way towards removing previous
user data from mobile phones, in reality such methods are neither effective or reliable for
use on smartphones and tablet computing devices and can be exploited relatively easily
using commercially available forensic software.

Cash remains King, however Audit and Corporate Governance requirements are increasingly significant drivers. Whilst there is an appetite to squeeze every last drop of residual value from legacy mobile devices, business stakeholders must be able to demonstrate end-to-end accountability regarding their safe disposal & data removal.

BYOD or Legacy Refresh

Whether moving to a BYOD strategy or simply refreshing legacy mobile equipment, evidence is required to prove that previous user data can be, and has been securely removed in order to meet internal and external Audit requirements

Advanced Mobile Erasure

As an early adopter of specialist erasure technologies for advanced mobile devices, CMR understands the importance of safeguarding private & confidential business data, and the damaging effects of doing nothing.

Our Advanced Mobile Erasure Service is integral to CMR’s core business processes, providing the peace of mind that you need in order to recycle surplus handsets with complete confidence and documented assurance.

Compatible devices are erased in accordance with the specifications of leading erasure technologies, certified by reports to underpin audit & corporate governance requirements thus mitigating risk for your organisation.

mobile phone data removal step 1
mobile phone data removal step 2
mobile phone data removal step 3
mobile phone data removal step 4


Mobile devices reported lost or stolen by the Police, Insurance companies or Mobile Networks are flagged in real-time using CheckMEND.
CMR is accredited with the globally recognised standard ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.

Environmental audits are done twice a year by LRQA, a UKAS accredited body.
Audit provides full compliance with all relevant country legislation.

CMR exceeds Performance Against Targets every year maintaining our relationships with our core recycling and reprocessing partner; Else Refining Ltd.

All cardboard is recycled via London Recycling Ltd (Camden Council) and is collected and processed on a bi-monthly basis.

Environmental Statement

ISO 9001 Certificate

ISO 14001 Certificate
Over the last 11 year CMR, has raised over £800,000 for Oxfam alone through the recycling of mobile phones
Charity Recycling

CMR has been associated with dozens of charities over the years, most notably
Oxfam (11 yrs), WaterAid (7 yrs), the National Trust (7 yrs) and the Spanish Red Cross
(8 yrs).

Over £800,000 raised for Oxfam

If you would like to raise money for a charity of your choice the easiest way to do this is
to use our mobile phone trade in site We have a bespoke service for each
charity allowing you to sell your mobile phones and donate a portion of the value to your
preferred charity.

Please call 020 7404 6440 for information on using fonebank to raise funds.

Schools Recycling

If you would like to raise funds for a school please visit
  • Fonebank’s Schools service is simple, easy and FREE
  • FREE Courier Collection for 5 Mobiles or more
  • FAST Cheque Payment To You Or Your School

St. Joseph’s College, Staffordshire Raised £2130 In One Day!

Normally, we’re not that enthusiastic about seeing mobile phones
in school, but on this occasion, we made an exception!

Roisin Maguire,
Headteacher, St. Joseph’s College

Fonebank Retail System
  • Easy to use, web based system.
  • Appeals to customers that want a new mobile phone/contract and want to unlock value in their old mobile phone.
  • Comprehensive yet simple training instructions provided.
  • Dedicated Account Manager provided to support stores.
  • Competitive prices paid for old mobile phones.

In Action

Fonehouse: Micky Donnelly (pictured right), Fonehouse Franchisee with 2 stores in Sunderland and Washington has worked with Fonebank to great effect for the past 5 years, using mobile recycling as a tool to help close more deals.

Cash Converters: Ashima Malhotra, Head of Audit & Compliance for Cash Converters Franchise; Lewy Group, has joined forces with Fonebank Retail to help boost core business & safeguard against devices acquired in good faith which later become blocked.

We were looking for a way to
centralise our audit controls and
to protect the business against
our biggest fear; devices
becoming blocked having initially
been bought from Customers
in good faith.

Ashima Malhotra, Head of Audit & Compliance for Cash Converters Franchise; Lewy Group

Process Summary

mobile phone data removal step 1

Search device and confirm
price. Capture customer
details and complete
due diligence
mobile phone data removal step 2

Issue payment to customer
by cash or voucher redeemable
in store
mobile phone data removal step 3

Send devices to Fonebank or
arrange FREE collection via
Account Manager
mobile phone data removal step 4

Fonebank checks the mobile
devices and issues payment
to the store